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About Us


Founded in Mar 2012, we're a small collection of talented artists, actors, writers, strategists and coaches.  Our purpose is to help people get ahead in their career and stay in control of their life by learning from the experience of others.  


Moves&Shakes is created by James Lau, who lives with his wife and two sons in Sydney.





Art Direction:  Michael Nield, Jonathan Asquith and Jermir Punthakey.

Actors:  James Mackay, Geraldine Hakewill, William McGeough, Yalin Ouzucelik, Terry Serio, Jim Tuck, Jon Smoot, Paco Lopez, Neisau Tuidraki, Glen Vavaitamana and Dave Lavaki.

Artists:  Jonathan Asquith, Armand Quimpo, Ivan Sivak, Andres Barrero, Sandra Anatasova.

Strategy:  Jane Munday

Production Manager:  Gino Reyes.

Technology:  Sergey Bedulin, Alex Dudarev, Nick Vyhouski, Viktoryia Nedabeha, Marek Capla and Marcin Wawrzyniak

With thanks to our founding advisors:  Ian Harrison, Jane Weir, Darren Moore, John O'Shaughnessy, Christopher Chad Chong, Rachel Slade, Paul Freeman, Cathy Burke, Paul Newham, Alistair Stuart, Rebecca Davis, Wes Malcolm, Jochen Kaempfer, Nick Raper, Arunan Sriravindrarajah, Eduardo Krantz, David Beavis, Sian Lewis, Xanthe Schilling, Jason Millett, Darren Moore, Sidney Minassian, Jeremy Trouncer, Adam Trouncer, Cheyne Tan, Kathryn Fagg and Jermir Punthakey.